At peace with being behind the scene

How do folks handle popularity? How do they keep it together when lots of persons are requesting their attention? Having people all around you most of the time feels burdensome.

I love simplicity, mostly in lifestyle. I love that I don't have tons of emails to read and calls to answer. I love it when I open my WhatsApp application and there are less than 10 unread messages. I doubt that I can handle anything above that. This is the kind of life I enjoy - a sane one - free from the mental torture that comes with being popular. Well, I have no idea how much of a torture it is.

I should add that I was not always like this - the kind of person at peace with staying indoors all day, and not wanting to be known. The one that has takes his time in figuring out why someone is calling my phone before actually picking it.

I longed for attention, wanting to be on the spotlight. Always willing to air my view even when I had nothing reasonable to say. As I desired this, I lost the sense of who I was. Truth is, I wasn't entirely sure of who I was. I'm not wholly certain, I get confused most times.

It took me a while to embrace the place of solitude. The idea of conscious loneliness and my individuality. I had to be at peace with being alone in the room, with my thoughts. I wish I have a roadmap of how I arrived at this point. You know, something like; 5 ways to be at peace with yourself.

Not that I don't often want the attention once in a while, heaven knows that I do!

I've come to be at peace with not being famous. It might come, it might not come. Nothing will crash if either happens. There's nothing wrong with being famous, no, we absolutely need folks to be at the spotlight.

We also need folks who will stay behind the scene to play their part. We all can't be on the stage, it will be a mess. The goal should be to know your place, where you fit in (which should be true to your nature) and embrace it.

I've embraced mine, and I do the dutiful job of reminding myself of that.

If you haven't already, I'll recommend you read the book Ego is the Enemy