Begin Human

What will you do if you happen to meet Bill Gates (or insert your hero) in an elevator in 6 months? Or, what will you do if you received an alert of 10 million dollars? Take a break and think of it.

I heard a ton of those questions while growing up. When asked, we tried to sound as smart as possible. Or as foolish as we could. Depending on where our ego pointed us to.

As I grew it dawned on me that those were all miscalculated guesses. The possibility of accurately foretelling what you will do in a situation is close to zero, especially if you have not done the hard-work needed in acting in such a way. I learned that you’ll need to factor in a lot of things - the decision you’ll make in that situation will be influenced by a handful of things that you’re not currently aware of when you answered the question (made the guess).

The truth is that in trying to answer that question you’re making guesses of how you will respond. However good that is, the way you respond won’t be based on a guess, but based on things like your beliefs, habits, etc. Which have been built based on time.

For example, if you’re a gambler with a credible track record of gambling, there’s the possibility that a certain amount of that money will go into gambling, irrespective of the answer you gave.

The point here is that to respond in a certain way, you’ll have to build yourself leaning more to that point. We make the mistake of thinking we are rational when making decisions, believing that the possibility of us being stupid is zero. Which isn’t true, especially when we have a track record of making stupid decisions. The truth is that, as human, we’re prone to doing that.

As humans, we default to binary thinking where we see things as either good or bad. Failing to know that there’s also grey. That it’s possible for one who has been making good decisions to also make a bad one. In a world as complex as ours, we don’t only have 1 and 0. We also have -1, and 0.9 amongst others.