Opportunities Abound

There is a subtle message of the mentality of abundance in yesterday's sermon in The Covenant Nation by Pastor Poju. It's rooted in his teaching about there being two seasons; the day and night seasons, which can also be referred to as the summer and winter seasons, or the harvest and planting seasons.

When one misses the chance of doing the hard work of sowing during the season of planting, that person is bound to be in severe conditions during the harvest season. In thinking about opportunities, especially in this part of the world, we tend to believe that opportunities only come to an individual once in a lifetime. As such, people become devasted when it's evident that they have missed an opportunity that looks like it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. However, that is not the case.

What the individual who has missed an opportunity to sowing needs to do is to get himself ready for the next season of planting. Bringing that into our daily life, that you missed the opportunity to partake in the wave that made lots of people millionaires in the banking sector does not mean you cannot get another opportunity. This does not negate the need to always do the hard work required to benefit in the next wave of opportunities.

The understanding is that opportunities will always abound, you are either oblivious about them, or you not equipped with the skills needed to benefit from them.

Knowing this, as individuals, we need to know that not all things are permanent. It is important to know permanent things and those which are not. A typical example is that when you look at the opportunities which you have missed and those which you have gotten, they are all variables, you could have gotten to where you are, or where you want to be using a different route.

Placing permanence on the things which are not, will distort our sensitivity. Emotions get plunged into things that we should be logical about and this affects our judgment. There will be another time for plantation. You, however, need to get yourself ready for it.